ISCM-Flanders throughout the years


World Music Days in Tallinn en Tartu, Estland. Het festival krijgt de titel 'Through the Forest of Songs'. Het programma wordt nog aangekondigd. ISCM-Vlaanderen zond alvast volgende 6 composities in als reactie op de Call for Works:

  1. Wim Henderickx: Blossomings voor gemengd koor en klarinet (met optionele elektronica)
  2. Daan Janssens: (…dans son presque silence…) voor orkest
  3. Sheila Sanfeliz: Liaga voor groot ensemble
  4. Heleen Van Haegenborgh: Index 5.1 voor altfluit, altviool, cello en kannel
  5. Jasper Vanpaemel: About Elephants voor orgel
  6. Saskia Venegas: A veces, el silencio es la peor mentira voor groot ensemble


World Music Days in Beijing, China. Melissa Portaels (MATRIX) represents the ISCM Flemish Section as first delegate, Stef Coninx (Flanders Arts Institute) is the second delegate. From the six compositions submitted to the festival organization, Bram Van Camps Music for Three is selected for performance.


During the General Assembly on the 28th of October 2016, the members of ISCM-Flanders decide unanimously to charge MATRIX [New Music Centre] with the further representation of the region to ISCM. On the 3rd of November 2017 is this change universally excepted by the General Assembly of the ISCM.Starting in the middle of November, MATRIX takes over the central tasks of the representation from ISCM-Flanders.

World Music Days in Vancouver, Canada. Rebecca Diependaele (MATRIX) represents the ISCM Flemish Section as first delegate, Stef Coninx (Flanders Arts Institute) is the second delegate. Three works by Flemish composers are in the official program: Bozzini string quartet plays a composition from Frederik Neyrinck and Stefan Prins’s Hände ohne Orte is performed, too. Unfortunately, the selected piece by Aurélie Lierman is cancelled at the last minute due to a lack of preparation by the performer. The piece will be programmed at next year’s festival.


World Music Days in Tongyeong, South Korea. Marc Mathys, chairman of ComAV, represents the delegation from the ISCM Flemish Section. Flanders is presented with flare in the concert programming by the choral work Für Viele by Kurt Bikkembergs.


World Music Days in Slovenia. From the Flemish pre-selection, the piano solo piece, Mono by Jasper Vanpaemel is selected as part of the official festival program.


World Music Days in Wroclaw, Poland. Flanders is represented by no less than three pieces: Contr'Action II by Frederik Neyrinck, Stefan Prins’s Piano Hero # 1, and Drifting Sandby Annelies Van Parys. Stefan Prins wins the ISCM Young Composer Award.


During the World Music Days in Bratislava, Kosice and Vienna, Danse de la terre from Bart Vanhecke is performed as part of the official festival selection. Daan Vandewalle also plays a solo recital during the festival with music by among others Alvin Curran. Frederik Neyrinck makes an appearance as the pianist of the Viennese ensemble Platypus. Peter Swinnen is elected President of International Society for Contemporary Music, following the retirement of John Davies.


ISCM-Flanders organized the annual meeting of ISCM, taking place from the 25th of October until the 4th of November 2012, in Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mons.

The following partners diligently take part in the preparations to help realize the World Music Days 2012 in Flanders:

  • Organisations: Concertgebouw Brugge, De Bijloke, deSingel, Festival van Vlaanderen Gent, Flagey, Handelsbeurs, TRANSIT, Musiques Nouvelles, Musiques&Recherches
  • Ensembles: Agartha, Apsara, Bl!ndman, Brussels Philharmonic - het Vlaams Radio Orkest, Champ d'Action, CRFMW, Emanon ensemble, HERMESensemble, Het Collectief, I Solisti del Vento, Logos M&M robotorkest, Muziektheater Transparant, Nadar Ensemble, Spectra Ensemble, Vlaams Radio Koor
  • and also: Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen, Forum des Compositeurs, Labo#

Within the context of the World Music Days the 22nd volume of the ISCM World New Music Magazine is published – completely focused on the new music of Flanders. Musicologist Maarten Quanten compiles the magazine and Mies Van Roy designs the exceptional layout.


World Music Days in Zagreb (April). The official selection from Flanders is Sundownby Bert Joris.

Vikingur Olafsson gives a lecture-recital about new music in Iceland during TRANSIT (a co-production with the Icelandic delegation of ISCM).


World Music Days in Australia. Flanders is represented by the piece Old Airs by Frank Nuyts, performed by The Song Company. Spectra Ensemble performes Avec diamants extrêmes by Filip Rathé, SPECTRA by Bert Van Herck, Jean-Luc Fafchamps’s Lettre Soufi Shîn and, as a part of Re:New, Lames by Daniel D’Adamo and D’un Rêve Parti by Bruno Mantovani.

The fourth ISCM-day is imbedded in TRANSIT festival for new music Leuven, with a press-presentation of the plans for the World Music Days of 2012 and a presentation from the Irish delegation (Eve O’Kelly, musicologist and pianist Mary Dullea).


The third ISCM-day takes place on the 17th of April at Concertgebouw Bruges. ISCM Portugal gives a presentation about contemporary music life in Portugal.

ISCM-Flanders becomes a partner in the European cultural exchange project Re:new.

During the World Music Days in Sweden, ISCM-Flanders signes the contract to organize the annual World Music Days festival in Belgium in 2012. This year, the festival program includes two pieces from Flemish composers: (...nuit cassée.) by Daan Janssens and Sept Chansons by Bert Van Herck.


The Flanders-Québec Award for 2007 is presented to Analia Llugdar during the second ISCM-day on January 28th, 2008 in deSingel, Antwerp. On the occasion of this event, Flemish newspaper De Standaard publishes this article.

First round table meetings regarding the organization of the World Music Days 2012.

At the World Music Days in Vilnius, Lithuania, Flanders is musically represented by the piece Das Utopias by Filip Rathé, performed by Kremerata Baltica. Jelle Dierickx presents the plans for 2012 to the General Assembly.

ISCM-dag 2


ISCM-Flanders announces its candidacy to host the World Music Days in 2012.

The first official ISCM-day is organised at De Bijloke in Ghent on 16 November in close collaboration with November Music. From the outset, this event was aimed at showcasing Flemish talent among both performers and musicians. International guests were invited to witness performances of music by Bram van Camp, Bart Van Hecke, Kaat de Windt, Yannis Kyriakides and Barbara Ellison. Stefan Prins’s composition Erosie (Memory Space #1)for viola and bajan was premiered at this occasion as well.


ISCM-Flanders launches its first annual Call for Works, with the following jury: André Laporte, Luc Brewaeys and Luc Van Hove. The outcome of this Call forms the basis of an expanding catalogue of Flemish compositions, many of which are submitted to the World Music Days in the following years.


ISCM-Flanders (ISCM Flemish Section) is founded on the 8th of December 2005 in Bruges by Luc Brewaeys, ChampdAction, Flanders Music Centre, November Music Flanders, Spectra ensemble, Peter Swinnen and Annelies Van Parys. André Laporte, composer and former president of the (former) ISCM Belgium, is declared an Honorary Member of ISCM-Flanders.

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